3-in-1 Foot Massager Press Kit


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Feel Good Everyday

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3-in-1 Massage

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Relief Sore Feet Instantly.

And more!

Our 3-in-1 foot massager is made with 100% premium silicone material with antimicrobial treatment. No, it's not made with cheap foamy stuff. It's durable and will last for many years.

Beautifully Designed.

We believe it's the best looking foot massager in the market. Just look at the beautiful wave design. How sleek and inviting it is. All this for your feet because we think foot health is the foundation of your body and your health.

Easy To Use.

Just place on the floor. Put your feet on it and move your feet around to massage your feet. That's how easy it is to relief sore feet.

Why it's a 3-in-1 massager? Because you can stretch and strengthen the feet also. Watch our videos here!

Great For Plantar Fasciitis.

Did you know stretching your feet is one of the best things you can do for plantar fasciitis?

Hot and Cold Therapy.

Because it's made with 100% high grade antimicrobial silicone, you can microwave and freeze it.

Yes, you can microwave for 3-5 mins for nice warm massage. When warmed, it's extra soft for incredible foot massage. Just image soft, warm joy of foot massage in your own home.

You can freeze it for cold therapy. When it's frozen, it's still soft for great massage. It's hard to believe it so we made a video. How cool it'd feel after running when you're feet are burning hot.

Easy Maintenance.

Just wash it with water. Another benefit of premium 100% silicone material.

You'll Actually Use It.

How many times you purchased a health or exercise products only to put them in the closet or under the bed and forgot about them. This 3-in-1 massager is one product that you'll use. Because It looks so easy to use and makes your feet feel good. It looks so good you'll also want to proudly display in the open area for your friends and relatives to notice. It'll be a conversational piece for sure.

It's Portable.

Going somewhere. Take our foot massager with you. Why? It doesn't require USB charger or batteries. Just fold it in half and will fit in your bag or suitcase. It takes a very small space.

What's In The Box.

Reflexi Foot comes with an easy to follow instructions and beautifully illustrated reflexology chart, perfect for at home use or traveling.

Why we made it:

I stumbled upon the concept for the 3-in-1 foot massager after co-founder, Stephanie, convinced me to try a foot massage in NYC. Initially I was uncomfortable with the idea and the thought of someone touching my feet, but it turned out to be one of the best massages I had ever received. Literally I felt like I was walking the cloud!

I started thinking about all the activities that put stress on the feet and the number of ailments caused by tip toeing around this issue. Stephanie and I tried many at-home products and found them ineffective, intimidating and bulky to use so we decided to make our own, massager.

The design of the massager was inspired by a calming water wave. Our goal was to make a foot massager without spikes to make it inviting. After several months of trial and error our first prototype was sculpted in an artist studio. 

Exact moment the first prototype came out of the mold, a fellow artist knocked on the door and asked what we were doing. We explained that we are making a foot massager and he immediately wanted to try it.

We had no expectation. We had no idea if it'd even work at all. 

His face lit up and told us that it felt great. Then he explained he had suffered from flat feet his whole life and asked if he can buy it. That was it. We knew we were onto something and our foot massager worked.

But we wanted to make the best foot massager so we researched further into foot issues, causes of the issues, and remedies for them. We learned the feet need to be stretched and exercised just like any other parts of body. So we decided to make it more functional and that's how it because to be 3-in-1 foot massager.

We went door to door to podiatrists and physical therapists for their feedback. The response was overwhelmingly positive. One foot doctor proclaimed our foot massager was the best at home foot care product and she'd recommend to all of her patients when the product is ready.

In order to bring the 3-in-1 massager to market, we turned to crowd funding platform, Indiegogo, to raise funding. After a successful campaign, the products where shipped to our wonderful backers for the 2015 Holiday season.


Terence E: co-founder
Stephane Wong: co-founder


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